As I’ve just finished watching S3x16 and look over the next several episodes towards the season finale for OUAT, I feel very disappointed about the time given to Rumbelle this season. Not a single episode thus far has to do with their relationship and all of the upcoming ones seem to focus on Oz and the wicked witch (the Oz storyline only impresses me with the amount of cheesiness that constantly builds with each episode).

Why can’t they forge a more interesting storyline???…like how the first dark one came about and focus more episodes on Rumple and Belle? I really hope the writers and producers get it together.soon: with each season, the show drops millions and millions of viewers and frankly I’m loosing my patience holding out for another rumbelle episode.

If you love Rumbelle fanfic and specifically Rumbelle AU…don’t miss “The Company Cruise” by Zhanice. Both Gold and Belle are perfectly and sumptuously portrayed..really, don’t miss this one! You’ll never forgive yourself :)!!! (Moe gets pretty funny here too)

Here’s the description: New business partners Rumford Gold and Moe French reward their staff with a week-long Caribbean cruise. Gold is an unwilling traveler until he meets Moe’s daughter, Belle. Moe is hoping that she’ll connect with one of the young men from their office. Unbeknownst to him, she has more in common with Gold than with any of them.


Hey, guys. I’m back, and I just wanted to start off by letting you know what happened in August.

As many of you already know, real life has been pretty trying for me for the last year and a half or so, and I suffer from clinical depression, which is usually well-managed. For me, the Rumbelle…

Your rumbelle stories are the first fanfics I’ve ever read and you got me even more obsessed!! Your stories are the light of the fandom..they’re the only ones I always want to reread and always make me smile. Welcome back :)!!!

This scene. The way Rumple was looking over to Belle and vice versa. There were no words…but they were saying goodbye in a way that sank deep into both their souls. (And mine! Robert and Emilie are amazing!!)

This scene. The way Rumple was looking over to Belle and vice versa. There were no words…but they were saying goodbye in a way that sank deep into both their souls. (And mine! Robert and Emilie are amazing!!)


I have this horrible feeling that Pan is going to need the heart of the thing he loves the most (a.k.a. Rumple) to enact the curse. And the curse is happening so we know SOMEONE is going down.

Hence, Belle sobbing.

The “Could destroy one of their own” voice over is timed right when Rumple…

Its going to be ok. A&E have always hinted that “undoing” is not what rumple thinks it means. Rumple cannot be “dead”…and they also promised more rumbelle relationship development in the second half of the season - that can’t happen without rumple being alive.

I came across this beautiful rumbelle fanfic and didn’t want anyone to miss it. Warning: Explicit.


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Finally got to the finale of the first season of Once Upon A Time.

Gotta tell ya, they RIPPED MY HEART OUT with Henry “dying” and I was just DEVASTATED for both Emma AND Regina. I can also see the chemistry between those two and understand why people ship them together, however I didn’t feel…

Ahh, I remember that magical time after the Season 1 Finale when Rumbelle got their long awaited reunion. I must’ve spent several hours playing and replaying the below youtube fanvid.  If you watch this you’ll be melting for forever~


The Nasty Habits of OUAT writers

1x04   Rumple makes  deal for Cinderella’s baby

2x04   Rumple crushes Mila’s heart

3x04   Rumple tells Belle to “Go Away”

I think the OUAT writers are stuck in the mud with all the patterns and correlations they try to build on episode #4 and need to break their own nasty habits.  It seems in every episode #4 they consistently try to get Rumple to do some despicable act.

Come on, OUAT writers!  Just because it fits in a pattern doesn’t mean the scene or dialoque makes sense!!!